Kylie Jenner lutte contre l'intimidation sur Instagram!


Kylie Jenner et Lizzie Velasquez

Kylie Jenner a décidé de lancer une campagne contre l'intimidation sur les réseaux sociaux.

La soeur de Kim Kardashian invite les jeunes qui la suivent à découvrir les histoires de personnes vivant avec une différence.

Tu peux découvrir les témoignages remplis d'émotions de ces adolescents sur le compte Instagram officiel de la star.

Tu peux leur envoyer des messages d'amour en utilisant le hashtag #IAmMoreThan. Wow!



#hellomynameis Avery Ford (@_averyford). I'm an entrepreneur and filmmaker in Kansas City, Missouri and #iammorethan you see. I was born with #strabismus a condition in which one or both eyes is not properly aligned. I am also blind in my left eye. I went through most of my life feeling ashamed of how I looked. It wasn't until my late twenties that I learned to love myself just as I am. No one is perfect. We all have things that we would like to change about ourselves, but remember this- because you are here, you are worthy of love, happiness and human dignity. There isn't anything you need to do to earn your worthiness. It is your birthright. For so many years, I felt like I had to work a little harder to get people to see past my condition and connect to the real me. Now I see that this was never true. People have always seen the real me when I dared to show up and be present. What I know for sure is this: people see you too. Even when you feel invisible. Even when life knocks you down. If I can make peace with how I look, you can make peace with your insecurities. The world is waiting for you to show up in all of your glory. Will you answer the call? Hear more of my story at thank you @_averyford for your #IAmMoreThan post :)

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#Day1 - Renee DuShane (@ALittlePieceofInsane) a 21 year old college student who was born with #PfiefferSyndrome. Renee described it as “a genetic disorder where the bones in my face don’t really know how to fuse correctly so part of my jaw is really small. I had to have surgery when I was born so that my brain could grow.” Renee is so strong willed and a super intelligent girl who told me that while growing up she never had many issues with bullying. "I went to school with all the same kids all the way through high school. Right around senior year, I started getting very anxious about having to explain my condition to all of the new people I would meet in college. I started going on Tumblr and saw lots of profiles of positive, confident people” that inspired her to start sharing her photos even with her insecurities. “It’s so hard to keep myself from responding to the negative comments,” she told me. “Even harder is keeping my friends from getting angry.” It's so important to have a great group of friends. Renee also told me about the tattoo she recently got of her life motto: Stay Strong, Always Love. “Loving is always going to be a better place than hating,” she shared. Check out Renee’s Instagram @ALittlePieceofInsane - she’s showing the world #IAmMoreThan my forehead. I love you Renee! She is so awesome & inspiring. Renee taught ME that #IAmMoreThan the negative comments that I read.

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#Day6 - I’m obsessed with Em Ford (@MyPaleSkinBlog). She’s a retired model and a current beauty blogger who does dope makeup. She recently revealed on @Instagram that underneath her makeup she has severe acne. “I never had acne when I was a teenager and then at the end of 2014 it just happened. That’s the crazy thing about acne… it doesn’t discriminate on who you are (old, young, black, white, rich, poor)". Her posts of her makeupless selfies resulted in over 100,000 crazy negative comments on her pictures. Em made a very powerful video highlighting the negative comments she received on her social media after the makeupless selfies. The video racked up 8 million views in the first week and has now been viewed over 15 million times. Em’s biggest advice was to “make friends with the person you see in the mirror because that will change your life. It’s really difficult to do and it’s going to take longer than 2 or 3 days… but once you do it will change your life.” Check out Em’s Instagram @MyPaleSkinBlog - she’s proving to the haters that #IAmMoreThan my acne.

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Connais-tu Lizzie Velásquez? Kylie est alors entrée en contact avec elle sur les réseaux sociaux.

La jeune femme de 26 ans souffre d’une maladie congénitale très rare qui, entre autres symptômes, l’empêche d’accumuler de la graisse corporelle.

On l'a surnommé dans les médias comme « la fille la plus laide au monde ».

Très courageuse, Lizzie a décidé de faire des conférences sur le bonheur un peu partout à travers le monde.

Un film sur sa vie est maintenant à l'affiche partout. Tu peux voir les images très touchantes juste ici!



Kylie et Lizzie sont devenues rapidement de très bonnes confidentes. Elles passent dorénavant beaucoup de temps ensemble.



Quelle relation amicale inspirante!

Que penses-tu de la campagne contre l'intimidation de Kylie Jenner? Selon toi, est-ce que c'est une bonne initiative de la part de la star de télé-réalité?

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